Saturday, February 07, 2009

This Week In Review

Incredible. I guess the jobless report for January was released this week. Almost 600,000 jobs ceased to exist in January. The national unemployment rate exceeds 7%. These are just two of the employment statistics for January. February's statistics aren't but four weeks away. I do not know what those will suggest. Sadly, those numbers will include me. Yes, my job was a casualty this week and I have entered the running for a new job.

So, this road on which I embark is a little crowded. A journey I would prefer I didn't share with anyone will be shared with thousands of others.

I have worked hard this week to remember that I am not an expression of the sum total of my job. Although my job is part of who I am, it hasn't and cannot define me. I am more than just a manager. I am more than just a business man. Still, depression, worry, frustration and anxiety are dark ominous shapes crowding in from every direction.
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