Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In The Buff

You always hear about people having dreams about walking down the street naked or showing up to their finals late and just as they start taking the test they realize they forgot just one minor detail. They weren't wearing any clothes. Other such dreams include everything from weddings to court cases to first day of school. If it is an important day or event, there has probably been someone dreaming about it happening naked.

Well, you would have thought it was just a bad dream. I was in fact being interviewed and I was not wearing any clothes. . . As I shut off the water to the shower, my phone started ringing. I was thinking that it my be my wife and decided to make haste for the phone. When I didn't recognize the phone number, I answered anyway. An hour later, I was getting dressed having finished the interview.

The interview went pretty well. They've asked for my resume and some additional information. So, this was the most unusual interview I've had so far.
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