Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dueling PACs

Well, the United States legislature is working hard to find a solution that will boost our economy. At least that is what they want us to believe. In the past week, I've been contacted by both MoveOn.org and Country First. On the subject of the Stimulus Package they have very different tales to tell. One organization claims the Republicans are trying to stall any attempts the Democrats are making to move the country out of the financial malaise. The other is holding strong to the opinion that the current legislation is not about stimulating the economy so much as it is about spending money.

My opinion doesn't mean a lot to many others but I believe that any legislation claiming to be a stimulus plan should focus on just that - stimulating the economy. Do we need a spending bill or do we need something that will actually help the people. I think everything in the bill needs to be weighed against what it does to stimulate the economy. If its cost is greater than its benefit, it doesn't belong. If it isn't going to help, it is going to hurt. This is a black and white situation. We need something that will directly create jobs, jolt the economy and in short help people.

MoveOn.org wants my money to support their efforts to run advertising in key states where they claim republicans are preventing the passing of this legislation. Yes, their emails and solicitations all call on me to give them money. Reviewing the little I can actually find about the legislation in question, I am hardly inclined to give money to MoveOn.org.

Country First took a different approach. Country First asked me to sign a petition. Yes, there was a link provided if I wanted to support them financially. However, their message seemed to be more about educating me on the stance the republicans have taken.

Maybe you'd like to be heard? You can sign the petition or you can donate some money to MoveOn.org.
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