Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Long Hard Fight, Wasn't.

A while ago, I remember sitting down at the terminal to post something about a trial or two I was struggling to overcome. Ultimately, I decided against hitting the “Publish Post” button. Looking back on that experience: it was actually pretty cool. I remember how I felt so very overwhelmed by the whole ordeal. I remember how the struggle seemed to drag on for eternity. I remember how I felt like the world was crushing in on me. I remember how I struggled to maintain my focus, persevering through it all. I remember that it was not really all that bad.

So, what is it about our lives that can make such a contrast of realities coexist? We struggle, work, force our way through the grime and when we look back we say to ourselves, “those were the best of times.” What is wrong with how we remember?

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