Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bucket List

I really enjoyed the movie, Bucket List. It didn't hurt much that a couple of my more favorite actors were involved heavily in the movie. It’s a very entertaining movie about two old guys who aren’t like many people I’ve ever met, suffering from cancer in a way that is a lot less like cancer than anything I’ve ever seen and setting off on adventures like no one has ever done. Believable? Not really. Entertaining? Absolutely. The title of the movie refers to this list that Morgan Freeman’s character whimsically begins to compile. Things he wants to accomplish before he dies. I’ve never actually taken the time to make such a list, probably because I haven’t ever really accepted the fact that I am mortal. If I accepted that, I would probably eat differently, exercise more regularly and sleep a few more hours every night. Mortality is nothing I would like to consider – haven’t the time.

In any case, Roger Ebert laments that "The Bucket List" “thinks dying of cancer is a laff riot followed by a dime-store epiphany. The sole redeeming merit of the film is the steady work by Morgan Freeman, who has appeared in more than one embarrassing movie, but never embarrassed himself. Maybe it's not Jack Nicholson's fault that his role cries out to be overplayed, but it's his fate, and ours.” I for one found the movie rather entertaining. It was also this movie from which I gleaned the idea of a bucket list having never heard of one prior. I cannot remember the last time I agreed with Roger so I guess I should not take offense to his opinion about the movie.

So, here’s a list someone else started to compile. I’ve added to it. Every moment I continue to think about this I add something more to the list. Accordingly, this is not nearly complete. I thought I would mark those items I’ve done in my life. I think this might be a good start for my list.

(X)  Gone on a blind date

(X)  Skipped school

(X)  Watched someone die

( )   Been to Canada

(X)  Been to Mexico

( )   Been to Florida

( )   Been to Hawaii

(X)  Been to the Orient

(X)  Been on a plane

( )   Been on a helicopter

(X)  Been lost

( )   Gone to Washington, DC

(X)  Swam in the ocean

(X)  Cried yourself to sleep

(X)  Played cops and robbers

(x)  Recently colored with crayons

(X)  Sang Karaoke

(X)  Paid for a meal with coins only

( )   Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch

(X)  Done something you told yourself you wouldn't.

(X)  Made prank phone calls

( )   Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans

(X)  Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose & elsewhere

(X)  Caught a snowflake on your tongue

(X)  Danced in the rain-naked

(X)  Written a letter to Santa Claus

(X)  Been kissed under the mistletoe

(X)  Watched the sunrise with someone

(X)  Blown bubbles

(X)  Gone ice-skating

(X)  Gone to the movies

(X)  Been deep sea fishing

(X)  Been Scuba Diving

(X)  Driven across the United States

( )   Been in a hot air balloon

( )   Been sky diving

(X)  Gone snowmobiling

(X)  Been Snowboarding

(X)  Lived in more than one country

(X)  Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets

(X)  Seen a falling star and made a wish

(X)  Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser

( )   Seen the Statue of Liberty

( )   Seen Mount Rushmore

(X)  Seen the Grand Canyon from the ground (Not An Airplane on the way to Chicago )

(X)  Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle

( )   Been on a cruise

(X)  Traveled by train

( )   Traveled by motorcycle

(X)  Been horse back riding

(X)  Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR

(X)  Been in Sears Tower in Chicago

(X)  Been in the TransAmerica Building in San Francisco

(X)  Been to Disneyland

(X)  Truly believe in the power of prayer

(X)  Been in a rain forest

(X)  Seen whales in the ocean

( )   Been to Niagara Falls

(X)  Ridden on an elephant

(X)  Ridden on a camel

( )   Swam with dolphins

(X)  Been to the Olympics

( )   Walked on the Great Wall of China

( )   Saw and heard a glacier calf

( )   Been spinnaker flying

(X)  Been water-skiing

(X)  Been snow-skiing

( )   Been to Westminster Abbey

( )   Been to the Louvre

( )   Swam in the Mediterranean

(X)  Been to a Major League Baseball game

( )   Been to a National Football League game

(X)  Been to a Major League Hockey game

(X)  Been to a Major League Basketball game

(X)  Played in the snow

( )   Golfed at St Andrews

(X)  Backpacked the Sierra Nevadas

( )   Backpacked Mt Rainier.

( )   Pike’s Peak or Bust!

(X)  Bought Fish at Seatle’s Pike Place Market

( )   Driven an Italian Sports car in Italy

( )   Had Fish and Chips in London

( )   Tried to straighten the leaning tower of Pisa

( )   Stood in the center of the Roman Coliseum

( )   Been to Independence Hall

( )   Had a tea party in Boston Harbor

( )   Read the Address in Gettysburg

(X)  Been to Nauvoo, Illinois

( )   Been to Independence, Missouri

(X)   Been to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT

( )   Been to the Hill Cumora

( )   Ran with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

( )   Made Tomato Puree in La Tomatina in Bunyol, Spain

( )   Walked among the pyramids in Peru

( )   Touched the Giza pyramids

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