Friday, November 05, 2010


I am ever so grateful for patience. No, not so much the patience I've exhibited for others. It is that patience others offer every day, a gift of great value indeed.

How wonderful this life is, and better yet as people allow for the slow moving. It is only uncommon that people do not allow for others to make progress as personal circumstances allow. How great is that! I am grateful that most people are kind enough to have patience in such times.

It is the most dedicated teacher who works with the young people today, exhibiting incredible patience as the children learn their how to read, write, add and subtract. No, this patience is not limited to the first few years of school. All through elementary, middle and secondary schools, teachers have incredible patience. It is through this patience that many thrive, learning not only the basics required to get through their lives but also by example what it takes to be there for others who might need their help. Most teachers are extreme examples of the power of patience, what can be achieved when patience is excersized. I am very grateful for teachers who've been willing to spend the time, taking personal time and patience to guide me in my life and do the same for my children.

A parent will find their patience tested time and time again. I am grateful for the strength of their patience. How better to show love than to express patience when a child is trying to learn something difficult. Time is the greatest blessing a parent can give their child. Certainly, in such efforts the grandest ingredient is patience fueled by love. I am grateful for the patience my parents showed toward me throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Truly, I'm sure I've tested their patience more often than I could even imagine.

Older Brothers, younger brothers and sisters too, are incredible examples of the power of patience. We have all experienced those times when we've done nothing but test the nerves of those that should be closest to us. The joy that swells when siblings take the time to help each other is wonderful. The friendship and love brothers share is beyond compare. It is all built on a foundation of patience, this is sure. I am grateful for the patience my brothers and sisters have had for me and the choices I've made in life. I am grateful for my daughters and the patience they have for each other, too. The close relationships siblings have is a blessing of great value.
"How poor are they who have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees."
- William Shakespeare
I am grateful for the patience strangers show in every day life. Mistakes are human, the divine attribute of patience help us overcome these mistakes. It also helps us all to learn from our own mistakes. The struggles in life would be far worse if strangers didn't also have patience. I am grateful to all who've shown such powerful patience with my foibles even though they might not know who I am.

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