Thursday, November 04, 2010

Because They're My Girls

Although it might seem a little trite, I am very grateful for my girls. Between all they do and who they are, there's little room for disappointment. They are great. I cannot hardly express how proud of these ones I am. You see, I've watched others live a selfish exsistence, out to get what they want and damn the rest. Well, my girls aren't all that. They have taken on a greater persona. I am grateful that my girls share, serve and care.

When the world suggests the winner is the one who dies with the most toys, selfishness is touted as not only normal but expected. I have watched my girls all buck that trend. They all watch out for others, showing a caring spirit that is rare these days. I am grateful my girls have not followed this crowd, choosing not to develop a sense of entitlement.

Yes, I am grateful for my girls. They are the greatest.
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