Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November 2 - Get Out And Vote

I am grateful for the efforts great men made 236 years ago, to work out independence from tyranny. I am grateful for the even greater efforts men made 225 years ago, to work out a document that established a great government balancing the need to be governed with the need to be free. I am grateful that even through over 200 years of changing times, the U.S. Constitution still stands to protect us. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to join with many and exercise my rights, my responsibility, to vote. I am grateful that most people, most of the time, make the right decisions when they enter the polling place.

When I look at all the world, there are plethora an example of countries who've risen up, rebelled against an oppressive government, claiming independence from a tyrannical regime. When the smoke clears and all the fighting has settled, these people find themselves under another regime with much the same oppression. Yes, blood and treasure wasted to no good effect. It took our forefathers nearly 10 years to work out our constitution, to work out a free government, to establish a framework that allowed for change without bloodshed. I am grateful for their longsuffering and their patience. These men established a great country with great opportunities for all men.

Yes, we are truly a blessed nation.
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