Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changing Seasons

There’s so much to be said about the seasons, these aren’t so prevalent in our world here in southern California. I loved the way things changed as the year wore on. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to experience true changes in seasons for a few years.

We all hear the song, Winter Wonderland and think about Christmas. I am more inclined to remember the wonder that is the morning following an ice storm. The world is as if a jeweler built everything out of diamonds and white cotton. Sparkling trees look to be made from the finest of the finest crystal. Such splendor exceeds anything you might think possible in the starkness that is found in the depths of winter. Winter’s stark frozen ground of ice and snow, trees without leaves gives way to the rebirth that is spring, a very strange juxtaposition indeed.

Spring’s gradual take-over of the world where the trees first bud, blossom and finally green is so shocking we seem to think it happens overnight. I love how beautiful the world becomes; lush, green and young. The tulips pop up in colorful displays, not at all bashful, seeming to say, “I’m the most beautiful thing around!” You know what, they just might be. Trees seem to have their annual but wonderful race to bloom; the apricot, plum and cherry trees provide a magnificently bright white and pink sign spring is off the starting blocks. Perennials come on with certain gusto like the final blow to winter’s end.

Spring slowly gives way to the dog days of summer, where warm days become the norm instead of the exception. Mowing lawns and other yard work become weekly, or even more frequent, activities. The fruits of spring planting, gardens start to reward the backyard farmer with wonderful and delectable vegetables and fruits. Corn, watermelon, zucchini are among the many great seasonal treasures they’ll find. Who doesn’t enjoy picnics! Independence Day and festivals are plentiful through the warmest months of the year. Summers are wonderful, full of summertime activities like camping, swimming, and fishing. As summer seems to be relinquishing its hold on us we still push for more barbeque, more burgers, more potato salad. School is back in session but we’re still holding on as much as we can.

Autumn’s colorful leaves are incredible, the weather is cool but not too cold. Football! Halloween! Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t like what Fall has to offer! There is so much color! Raking leaves only to jump into them with great speed makes for some great fun. Pumpkins and winter vegetables, apples are everywhere from crisp desserts to pies and wrapped in caramel. Hay rides, corn mazes, ever green trees are hallmarks of this season.

Yes, I love the seasons and am grateful for what they all bring. I am grateful for the colors and smells, the cold and the heat. I am grateful for the simple joy of wearing a light jacket or bundling up in a heavy coat. I am grateful for flip-flops and shorts or heavy boots and wool socks. I am grateful for winter sports and summer fun. It’s all so wonderful.
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