Monday, November 08, 2010

Eye-Opening Conversations

We all have opinions. To some we hold stronger than others. It is these opinions which foster incredibly eye-opening conversations. Sometimes talking with people that agree with everything you might have to say becomes boring and predictable. Moving beyond what I like to call the "yes sir!" mentality, or choir seat practitioner, there's a whole world of thought just waiting to be discovered. This is actually very important. This is where the passion resides! I am grateful for this passion. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more, feel more and understand more through open dialogue.

I am grateful for conversations that help open my eyes to new ideas and new perspectives. Our lives are viewed from very limited, prejudiced and closed perspectives. It is not possible to get past these boundaries alone. I am grateful for people who are willing to talk about their own views in a manner that helps open my eyes to unknown perspectives.

How boring would life be if we all saw the same thing in the same manner! How dull indeed! I know what I think and why. Sometimes talking with someone who just does not see life the same way I do, helps me understand the mistakes in my own theories. Sometimes I am exposed to new thoughts I've never even considered before. Sometimes through conversations with people who hold a different viewpoint, I recognize the weaknesses in my logic. I am grateful for those oportunities.

Opinions are definitely not in short supply, everyone has them. Sometimes it is just the best possible solution to find someone whose opinions do not mirror our own.

I have sat down with people to watch a professional sport being broadcast on T.V. Fans of one team root while the fans of the other jeer. How fantastic and lively that experience becomes! Still, no one feels like they are being attacked. It's just a matter of perspective as to which team is better.

I think much of our personal philosophies are very similar to the way people choose a favorite sports team. Taking the time to speak with others about our feelings, about our politics, about our philosophical commitments, opens us up to a few things. First, we have the opportunity to share the reasoning behind our decisions. Second, we hear about another perspective. Third, we are confronted with the weaknesses and strengths of our own arguments.

It is through recognizing the weaknesses in my perspectives that I can move to make improvements or outright reject what I might have believed to be true. I am grateful for these opportunities. Is it not just as important to reject untruths as it is to strengthen our understanding of truth?

I am grateful for eye-opening conversations, for opportunities to improve my perspective, and improve the strength of the logic I use to support my perspective. I am grateful for eye-opening conversations that help me see new things which I might not have considered on my own.
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