Monday, November 12, 2012

The Greatest Place To Live: Where I Live

Nixon Family Home - Yorba Linda, CA
Indicate the way to my abode
I'm fatigued and I want to retire
I had a spot of beverage sixty minutes ago
And it went right to my cerebellum
Where ever I may perambulate
On land, or sea or atmospheric vapor
You can always hear me crooning the melody
Indicate the way to my abode

Mt. Fuji
Im glad I live here. Ive always been glad I live here. Of course, here has changed as I have moved around. Everywhere I go, I find Im in a good place to be: in the Orient, on the West Coast, in the Mountain West and in the Mid-West. Ive enjoyed living where the mountains and the beach are close enough to enjoy both on the same day. Ive lived where Abraham Lincoln started his political career and where Ronald Reagan went to college. Ive ridden my bicycle to a few places nearby the place I live. Among those places are beaches both in California and the on the East coast of Japan, up Mt. Fuji and down again, and the house where Richard Nixon was born.

Ill readily admit the people where I live are pretty great. Ive wished my neighbors a good day or a good evening in Spanish, Japanese, and English. At dinnertime, the evening breeze might carry scents of curry, teriyaki, sweet or spicy chilies, or the smoky aromas of barbeque.

Spring and summer are accented with pleasant views of farmland growing crops of various kinds from corn to beans to strawberries and rice. Fall and winters views can be stark or very colorful. The weather has run the gamut from too hot and humid to too cold and dry but I enjoy it all. I have been blessed with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, some of these over the tops of mountains and others shimmering seas. The cloud formations add interesting drama to the skies that will sometimes send strong winds or gentle breezes, the warm sun, pouring rain, or heavy snow.

I am grateful for where I live.

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