Friday, November 16, 2012

Let There Be No "Could've-Beens"!

I could have. That is an incredibly sad statement. Its entirety is regret. You cant say sorry and have it erased from existence. No number of words can outdo the inaction of yesterday. Our very personal haunting ghosts are conjured out of yesterdays couldve-beens.

It is for this reason, I seek to take hold of every opportunity presented me at the moment. Do what I can now for those around me so I do not remember what I should have done or could have done when it is too late.

I am grateful for the opportunities life presents, that we all have the time and energy to do and be.

It is required of every man that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow men! If it goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death! It is doomed to wander through the world! Oh, woe is me! And witness what it cannot share but MIGHT HAVE SHARED on Earth and turned to happiness! – Jacob Marley, A Christmas Carol

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