Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Responsibility v. Community

Well, I'm a little late to the gratitude party this year. Yes, I would have liked to start my daily foray into expressing my gratitude on the first. But this year I have been preoccupied with another issue all-together. That issue will culminate today in the presidential election. I don't have confidence that I will feel better tomorrow morning when everything should settle down and some kind of result should be known. I might just be worried about things I should let slide. I might be concerned where no concern is warranted.

On the other hand, I might have grounds for my concern and this might be one election that truly will have lasting ramifications. The two main choices are men of vastly different philosophies. They both stand at the helm, leading groups of people who believe the role of our government to be incredibly different from the other's understanding. Is the government supposed to be an incredible safety net or is it strictly there as a basic framework of support? Is it right to force people into service or can we expect people to do for others as they ought to be doing? Is it worth sacrificing a few personal freedoms and responsibilities to embrace a larger government with greater power to help those in need?

I'm at a loss to answer these questions fully. I believe people should be working toward the better good for all men at all times. I believe we serve each other and the benefit from that service is enough reason to stand up and do what is the right thing for everyone. Personal growth springs from helping others achieve greater accomplishments. I also believe that when we force people to care, there isn't really any caring at all.

So, today, as we go to the polls to cast our vote to guide America toward a better tomorrow, will we choose the best path? Will we give up just a little more freedom? Will we endorse a path that does not encourage responsibility for self but seems to espouse an all-for-one attitude? Is one philosophy better than the other?
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