Monday, December 15, 2008

What a novel idea.

So, I'm reading various headlines when I come across this one that says:

Italy to prop up iconic Parmesan industry by buying and giving cheese to the poor

I'm thinking that sounds pretty interesting so I go on to read the article. If you would like you can read it here.

I know the US Automotive industry is claiming that because of dropping car sales in the United States, they've been having a really hard time lately. They're off to Washington twice in as many months, hat in hand, seeking some financial help (Bail out) from the taxpayer. I've not thought all too kindly on the industry leaders. They've had 30 years to figure this out and now that the time has come to pay the piper, they're regretting the dance they've chosen to dance.

I'd would prefer the government stay out of this all-together but. . . if the government is going to be "giving" away money. Why don't they learn a lesson from Italy. Odd thought that. Big ol' United States learning from Italy. How many cars could we buy for 19 billion dollars? How many poor in the United States might find their way out of their dire situations if they just had some reliable transportation?

I don't know. There is a big difference between the 66 million dollars the Italian government has dedicated to their welfare project and the 19 billion (and counting) the Automobile industry is seeking. At least, there would be something to show for our money this way.
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