Friday, December 12, 2008

Layoffs and Volitile Markets

It's telling when the news story is about who isn't going to be doing any layoffs...

Doom and gloom, that is all you hear any more on broadcast news about the economy. Talk radio hosts are fumbling over themselves to focus on the negative. People are taking it in as doctrine, embracing the news as if it were foreordained. Universities doing research on the economy all pretty much agree that the foreseeable future holds nothing but the doom and gloom. Layoffs and market instability will continue through next year. That's the news. Even CNBC's Kudlow has done little more than strain to find a small hope on which to pin our future in this inauspiciously tortured financial landscape. Few organizations aren't in the bread line, lining up for some kind of relief, bailout or governmental aid. Few people can see what will happen in the next week through the dense fog of pink slips. Looking beyond next week seems far more impossible.

The Senate has gone outside the box and rejected the bail out for the Automotive industry. Some are suggesting the skies will fall, now. I think, though, that there are better solutions. The government is not the only possible way for these organizations to pull through. It is possible that Chapter 11 bankruptcy would bring the necessary relief these organizations need to restructure for today's market. Maybe we need to work out a way for this to happen. It won't happen if the government pays their piper for the dance they've been dancing over the past 30 years!
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