Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Xbox 360 positioning itself for Japan Market

“If the current lineup [of games] in development for the next-generation Xbox was revealed,” Okamoto said in the interview, “it would not only surprise users, but the entire industry. There probably wouldn’t be anyone [in Japan] that would still be uninterested in buying the next-generation Xbox when they see the lineup.” He called the still-under-wraps list “a powerful fleet of Japanese designers” — Hirohiko Niizumi @ GameSpot, 04/04/05 06:34 PM PST

Japan has always remained a very difficult market for Microsoft’s Xbox to penetrate. It looks like Microsoft is trying to do something that will ensure their success in the world’s largest electronic entertainment market – only time will tell whether the strategy will work.

I must admit that I've been a fan of the Xbox for some time and am looking forward to the work for which these developers show promise.

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