Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Islamic Relations a Key?

I'm not a Catholic but I've been interested in the events that are unfolding around the death of the pope. I don't think I'd be completely honest if I said different. So, when I've seen news papers and heard news stories either on TV or the Radio that focus on the selection of a new pope, these stories tend to grab my interest.

Today, while I was reading through the internet about various and sundry topics a certain headline caught my attention. Now, the story itself was a short one but the headline seemed to be of greater importance than the author or editor seemed to believe. The headline read Islamic relations key Vatican topic. I wonder, really, how much import can one religion place on the position of another when selecting a leader. If you do believe, indeed, that this man is in a position closest to God, who are we to dictate to him?

I guess that two of the forerunners in the contest for pope - if you wish to call it a contest - have differing views on how the church's position on Islam should be.
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican's doctrinal enforcer, is believed to favor evangelization of Muslims, while Cardinal Angelo Scola, the archbishop of Venice, is believed to favor conciliation and dialogue. Both men are viewed as papal contenders.
Though I am not certain that evangelization is the appropriate position to take toward any other religious group, I am still left to my quandry. Does a man have a right to dictate to God how His Church should treat others?
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