Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Heart is Heavy, Weighted Down

I am disturbed, disturbed and disgusted. I’ve seen so much that is good in this world but lately my attention is drawn to the lesser, the revolting, that against which I would revile.

Honestly, remember how the world responded to the tsunami in South East Asia with great speed and compassion. That, my friends, was a high point, something on which I could hang my cares and considerations – my faith in humanity. I worried that the world community might not have the stamina to apply to this great disaster but it seems that much of my worries were without cause. Sure, there is plenty of work still to be done but the world has not forgotten their less fortunate brothers, at least not in that part of the world.

What, then, can we say about those others of our brethren that are afflicted with strife? How is it that we can pat ourselves on the back with great enthusiasm when there is so much suffering in other parts of the world? The wickedness that men afflict on each other is enough to cause great pains and concern for anyone who takes a moment to look around. The Sudan, just one example of the terrible things humanity inflicts on itself. This is not nature or natural. One man kills another because of religion or race – everyone should be disturbed and revolted. This, however, is not just one man and they aren’t just killing each other. The terrible acts – oh, so terrible! Governments of the world should not stand for such indiscretions.

Why was the world so quick to offer aid when the tsunami visited such terrible destruction yet we cannot find it in our collective consciousness to act when men violate the rights of other men?
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