Monday, October 04, 2010

Muffins and Wings

Today, I feel to be something of a curmudgeon – a Fashion-Curmudgeon. I watch various fashion trends come and go. I’ve watched the rise and fall of the waste line, neckline, shorts’ legs and shirtsleeves. I am one of those guys who will sit in a mall and watch people walk by. I notice things and take note of other characteristics. I recognize the fashion trends that seem to work OK for some but really do not for others. I sit and watch, wondering what it is that motivates people to ignore the mirrors hanging above the sinks in their bathrooms, on their closets and in their hallways.

Oh, I am not immune to these things. I am one who is afflicted with the terrible and oh so common dunlaps. You see, my belly done laps over my belt. Though my pants aren’t tight, it seems my body is formed to fit so that my slacks are significantly smaller than my shirt. From the top of my pants to my feet I am one size but from my belt on up I’m quite heavier. The distribution of fat in my body is certainly a sign of bad things but let’s look at the shape what happens at the belt line. There’s got to be something I could do about the statement I make nearly every day by the way I am dressed.

Today’s fashion seems to be one that cuts just about everyone right through in the most unflattering way. Low-rise on some is actually something of a pinching in a very uncomplimentary way on most others. Oh, it’s the in thing to wear your pants halfway through the widest portion of your body! Well, does this fashion make the statement you’re looking for? Are you sure you want to show the world the top of your undergarments? Or worse, to reveal the seam between your left and right buttocks? Are you the one who makes the statement that this fashion does not fit everyone? Can you see that billowing affect above the top of your pants?

The world has compiled different terms to describe the affliction. You know when we squeeze ourselves into these cloths that accentuate our fleshy middles in such a blossoming way. Muffin Tops, Bingo Wings and love handles. Yes, they all describe the phenomenon of overhanging flesh (fat) when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirts in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing.

I want to make the call to people: take a moment when you dress, look in the mirror. Do your clothes really fit? Do you actually look good in the fashion statement you are making? Seriously, there is always an answer to the riddle that helps you look better. No, you may not be wearing the latest fashions designed for the size double zero runway model who can’t eat a hamburger without worrying about gaining an ounce of weight. No she doesn’t have to worry about that ballooning affect that is quite pronounced on the rest of the world.

Take a chance and secure your place in the world without bowing to the pressures to put on those clothes that do not fit you as intended. Seize the moment in clothes that won’t split or split you in ways never intended. Why tug and pull at your clothes all day to keep them in place? Be comfortable with who you are and wear clothes that are designed to accentuate your positives. Wear the right size and right design for your body. Yes, you can be styling without bowing to the fashion fad of the moment.
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