Sunday, October 03, 2010

Have Faith; Fear Not

Faith and fear are mutually exclusive. You cannot have faith and fear and you cannot fear while having faith. They rest on opposing poles and will never be together in the same place.

This is easier to iterate than to implement in life. How many people have professed faith then lived another life! We place greater trust in ourselves or our neighbors than we do our God. We suggest there's more and that He's all powerful yet we let the world dictate our very actions.

So, the solution? Well, my mother always says put your money where you mouth is. No, I do not suggest we all need to pay monetarily, though that is part of it. If you fear God more than the world, make the right choices that place God above the rest. Live life as if God were more important. Faith is certainly a verb, more than a belief it is action. Faith should dictate our every move and with faith there is no fear.

With faith, our lives would be more prone to serve others. We'd place the needs of others above our own comfort. With faith, there would be no suffering. Simplistic? I don't think so. We learn from our God unselfishness. Most ills in the world stem from being selfish.

Have Faith; Fear Not.
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