Monday, January 12, 2009

OCD? Naw . . .

Motivated by comments here, I got thinking about a few aspects of my life that might not be so clearly normal. I'd think someone who doesn't have at least one obsessive compulsive driven trait would be less than human. It could be argued that quirks make a person real. Little and big, they are all a part of the whole and each is as important as the others. You know, things like keeping the food on your plate from touching other food. Segregated food is just the right way to do it. I stopped buying delivery from a local Thai restaurant because they would put the salad in the same container as the Basil Chicken. I'd have steamed lettuce to go with my meal. Although the salad had what I would assume was a Thai salad dressing, it just was not the way I liked my salad. I like it chillin'. So by all accounts and the truth is the divided plate in our cupboard belongs to my oldest daughter - it isn't mine.

Appropriately, this is not simply about food. Ah, but most of those things I need to have a certain way are centered around food. I don't consider myself particularly picky. I like most food but only if it is prepared properly. I like cheese and I like hamburgers but you'll hardly ever find me eating a cheeseburger. You'll never see me willingly eat a piece of that plastic most restaurants try to pass as cheese, that is certain.

I'm very particular about how my books are handled. Being an avid reader I have a hard time waiting for books to be released in paperback. However, when I have a paperback book, I will not open the book up far enough to break the spine. When I loan the book to others, I explain to them very carefully how to hold the book so as to not break the spine or leave any kind of crease. Yes, I am extremely particular about this.

Just a few things that strike my fancy. I have other things. I don't like my flatware to touch the tables at restaurants. I won't touch the door handle of a public bathroom. The little bowl of candy that sometimes sits at the maitre d' station - I won't eat those.
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