Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggitty jig!

The past few weeks, and yet for another few weeks, I've been spending quite a bit of time traveling for work. I just got home from San Francisco after being away for most of the week. This has been making it difficult to get anything worth posting put together on this blog. I actually have some ideas I'd like to share, some of them I've written down but haven't had the wherewithall to get it posted. I actually [found some power for my laptop] while at the airport yesterday and typed up some thoughts but there was no way to get connected to the internet from the airport since I didn't have a wireless card on the laptop. Now I'm home but have been too busy to set up the laptop and get it connected to my home network.

Anyway. It is good to be home. I've a little over a week before I head off again. I've got two more trips to S.F. before we're done up there for a while. It will be nice to have this project completed.

Southern California is burning. I've two fires blocking two of the routes I would take to go west from my house, which leaves me with one. I hope people are alright and their homes are protected. I worry about firemen getting hurt. I'm glad someone is trying to protect us, though. We're not so close to the fires that we're in danger - I'm glad. Looking out my front window, though, I can see the hills that are burning. It is pretty close, close enough we're taking the dogs with us while we go run some errands. I hope the Santa Ana winds will die down soon.
The one fire is burning close enough that I could see it from my front door. Lucky for us, the wind is blowing away from our home not towards us. It has the whole family concerned, though. As you can see, the fire is just over the hill. We can see the aircraft dropping the water and fire retardant on the fires, though I was unable to get this in the picture.
Brea/Carbon Canyon Fire
It isn't too far away.
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