Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elect to make your choice known

We've prepared for this day for over two years. Well, some have been preparing for this day for over eight years. Some have actually only been paying attention to what has been going on for a couple weeks. I wish that was the case for me. I have been following the politicking and campaigning since the beginning. Let me just say, I'm very happy it is the first Tuesday in November.

It has been a brutal campaign, very brutal. Both sides have spent more time talking about things and suggesting solutions that are more popular than they are effective. Promises of "95% will get a tax break" and worrying about who has been associated with who have dominated stump speeches. I'm tired of this talk about things that won't fix the problems we are facing in the economy or the security of our nation. I'm tired of flagrant abuses of government power, trampling the Constitution into the ground. I'm tired of hearing about Joe the Plumber or even Joe the Biden. I'm tired of lame politics that put blame on another party when both are responsible for the problems. I'm tired. It is good we've finally come to election day.

It is time "my friends" to make your choice known. It is time for "change we can believe in". It is time to move forward with solutions that may be hard but are for the best of the country. It is time to reach out to your representatives and senators to let them know we're watching every move they make and every vote they cast. It is time to do the right thing not the popular thing. It is time to take back our rights guaranteed under the constitution. It is time. Time.

Both campaigns have left me wondering if we were to connect a generator to the candidates' mouths, how much energy could be captured. Both campaigns have left me wondering if once the president-elect is inaugurated, will we actually do something to solve the problems with the economy? Will we take the drastic steps to put the economy and our freedoms back on the right step? Will we work toward energy independence or was this just more lip service like that we've heard every election cycle since the early 70s? Seriously, can we believe this is going to end up better than any other election we've had in the past 40 years?

Last night while I was talking with my family, I suggested I might write-in my vote. My daughter thought I said I was going to write-in Nixon. I had to laugh, of course.

Well, it is time to do the right thing. Vote your conscience. Go to that polling place and give them your all. Make your vote and do it for the right reason. Vote for those things in which you believe. First, believe in what you're doing. Believe that you're making a difference. Believe in the greatness of this system. Believe that the majority of America will make the right choice. Believe that we're still one nation under God. Believe that God will bless America. Believe that things will improve. Believe!

I am hopeful. I hope we can do the right thing. I hope congress and the new President will work out the problems in the most efficient way. I hope the "right thing" is not a harness of severe debt for generations yet unborn. I hope for the best we can be. I hope. I hope. I hope.
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