Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sir Mixes It UP, in the House!

Remember when the party was just not that cool unless there was a DJ keeping the noise at 140 dB? You know that crazy guy who showed up an hour before the party started with his ’73 Pinto loaded to the gills with equipment and vinyl! His fashion sense was just about as extreme as his taste in cars, too. Boy, he made a regular old get-together one rockin’ good time, didn’t he?

These days, there are more people carrying their own mixes. In fact, even mom makes a pretty mean play list. Gone are the days of vinyl, except in some extreme cases. Even the large collections of CDs have seen the passing of their heyday! Still, there is something lacking, something more than the wise cracks of an otherwise unassuming young man wearing some really strange clothes.

Enter the DJ Mixer. Not a throwback to the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing vinyl, this allows you to take two IPODs or two MP3 players or a mix of the two devices and make your own mix. In fact, the unit includes folding headphones so you can look the cool part of a real DJ while you mix it all up. You’ll probably give into the need to start telling little personal anecdotes and longer stories between sets. If you mess up the transition, there’s always the included effects programs to hide your little mistakes with a simple push of a button. The DJ Mixer has a flange and filter and cross-fade slider; recording option and speaker system connection with a stereo audio cable with in-line jack. Sweet mother of DJ goodness! This baby even charges your IPOD while you scratch, mix and play to your heart’s content.

What will people think of next?!!??
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