Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The interview was nearly over before it began because I refused to provide my Social Security number to an organization that hasn't given me a reason for needing it. 

Are you doing a background check? Not yet.

Are you offering me a job? Not 

Why do you need my social security number? We've always requested it.

Ok, I'll give you the social security number when you need to have it - either when you offer me a position or when you decide you need to do a background check as  prerequisite for hiring me.

Sir, we need to have your social security number before we can proceed.


Company policy.

Personal policy dictates that I do not share my personal information with just anyone to put into their files. When you offer me a position or need to do a background check prior to offering me a position, I will provide the social security number.

I do not think anyone has ever questioned this policy, sir.
We continued the interview process without the social security number. Only moments after continuing, though, I was surprised to find out the interviewer did not know Illinois was a state or where Illinios was. I can only hope the contempt I felt for her ignorance did not display itself as we completed the interview.

Social security numbers are pretty important. It might not hurt me to share it with strangers I don't know. It just might. World Geography is a major handicap for a good portion of America but I think we should all have a pretty good idea about national geography. Shouldn't we?

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