Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bo Dangker

You know Bo Dangker. I know you do. He might not answer to this name specifically but you know who I am talking about. He's a likable type of guy, very nice indeed. He might turn up at the office or in social situations. He might even be part of your family. You see, old Bo is that guy who seems to have it all together but when push comes to shove, can't quite deliver.

Ol' Bo will generally jump at the chance to be part of your team, bringing plenty of ideas to the table. He'll accept all kinds of responsibility. When you meet again, he'll come empty handed with nothing but excuses suggesting there is no reason he should take blame. Yep, he's Mr. Bo Dangker!

Ol' Bo will think that the family potluck is a wonderful idea even taking charge early on. When deciding what he'll contribute, he'll be sure to sign up for something very extravagant - you know, the Turkey! He'll sign up for one of the more integral parts of the meal. When the time comes to deliver, good Ol' Bo will show up to eat his fill but he'll bring nothing to the table but a bowl full of justifications and a heaping side of "Yeah but I". Yep, he's cousin Bo Dangker!

Ol' Bo will slide in with a bunch of friends too. Deciding to meet up and do something fun, good Ol' Bo will see to it that he's not happy with just doing something fun. Yeah, he wants to make sure it is very special. The restaurant won't due unless it meets his criteria. Will there be any compromise? Sure there will. Everyone but Bo will give something in the name of fun. When everyone finally comes to a consensus on what you're doing where, Ol' Bo will do nothing but complain. Yep, he's Bo Dangker!

Don't be a Bo Dangker!
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