Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Svithing, n.

blend of seven and tithe
  1. A Sunday blog post of a religious nature.
  2. Any post on a religious (usu. [Latter-Day Saint]) theme appearing on a personal blog whose subject matter is generally secular.

svithe, v.

  1. To write or post a svithe.

-svithe, suffix

  1. Combines with a proper name. Indicates a svithe by that person.

I have come across terminology for something I hadn't consciously put into practice but that has been a pattern for how I have gone about my blogging. I happened across this new expression as I followed Th.'s link to his blogs. One of these blogs is The Weekly Svithe. I was impressed.

My original intent when I created this blog was just to have a place to share my thoughts and express my feelings. I hoped as well that others would read my posts and respond and maybe even have conversations. I did not intend to have any central theme beyond that. It is obvious at the random nature of the posts that I have continued along those lines off and on over the past few years.

As it turns out, I have a tendency to post on gospel as well as other topics that are meaningful to me at the time I post. I am not totally certain what the ratio is; however, the concept of svithing impressed me. Traditionally, my blogging efforts have not been carried out on the Sabbath since those days are generally focused on other things. I may start posting on Sundays in a sort of homage to the Svithe.

In any case, I like the idea. There will be a few more Necrosvithes down the road. This I am certain. Do you think the Svithe is a good idea? Let me know, please.
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