Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike For President!!

If I were president. . .

Don't we all think that we could do this better than those who are doing it? Barrack Obama suggests we need to reduce the taxes of the middle class. I think that is a good thing for me but is it good for the country. John McCain claims to be a conservative. "no pork barrel spending!" but has supported the economic bailout. In fact, both candidates think it must be done. Can either candidate consider anything more than what it might take to get the votes necessary to claim the White House for their residence come January?

What would I change if I were president?

• America would be in the business of producing and exporting energy. We have the resources - natural and intellectual. We could be making money rather than exporting it to the Middle East and South America. We need tax incentives to encourage businesses to exploit our resources. We need the government to stand aside and let this happen. We send almost a trillion dollars out of this country on products we could be purchasing at home. Let's make the changes necessary to make this a reality.

• America would return to the days of a Free-Market System. This bailout is socialism. If the government is going to be socializing the losses, it won't be long before they socialize the profits. Isn't that something someone said this past week? Look, our system - the fundamentals of our economy - is not broken. In fact, the proof of this is the reason we're all up in arms. People made poor investment choices and are feeling the pinch because of it. Risk is the reason we make money. Removing risk will remove profits and eliminate investment.

• The tax system would be less convoluted. I would do something that might eliminate the IRS or significantly decrease its relevance. Government spends more than they make. It doesn't matter what revenue or how much revenue the government successfully sucks from its citizens, they spend more than they bring in. I am not an advocate of a surplus but the government should not be in the business of spending my grandchildrens' money now. Reduce the tax rate, eliminate loopholes and encourage investment. In the long run, there will be more money but the burden will be lighter on the citizen.

• Balanced budget. Balance is not easy but it is possible. So many entities feel entitled to certain handouts. No president has the power to change a lot of what the government spends because there are so many entitlements that must be met. We need to eliminate many of these entitlements. Private organizations must be empowered to meet the social needs of the needy. Private organizations can do more with less, getting the money where it belongs at a lower cost.

• Honesty and respect. The office of president is one that requires honesty and respect. I think these two attributes have been missing from politics for a very long time.

Too much to really cover. I do not believe I will come close to living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I think too many people see my views as extreme. What I consider as common sense is not so common, I guess.
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