Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fish Sauce!

Ketchup. Catsup. It doesn't matter how you spell it. It is one of the most prolific condiments in American cuisine. Pompeii, it was Garum. Garum is a sauce made from fish entrails. Does it sound yummy or what! The Romans enjoyed this sauce for its sweet/sour flavor and would substitute it for the more expensive salt on much of what they ate.

Scientists have used a pot of garum found in Pompeii to support Pliny the Younger's account of Mount Vesuvius' eruption [source], placing the date of the eruption as 24 August 79 A.D. Imagine using ketchup to determine a time line of events.

Condiments have been used against me. Yeah, that hotdog I ate in transit became something less of a secret and more of a scandal when the mustard stain in the middle of my chest betrayed my vain attempt at a quick, unnoticed snack.

Hmmm. Fish sauce is the answer. What's next?
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