Monday, July 06, 2009

Cap N Cruch is better than Cap N Trade

An open letter to US Senators Feinstein and Boxer:

It is interesting that arguments for a Cap and Trade system try to describe it as a market style reform to reduce carbon emissions since there isn’t a true market until it is developed by people looking to create a system of transferring wealth. You see markets have to be based on real, tangible products with consistent, market wide values. The policy presented to Congress and the Senate has been one where the value assigned is based on a system that penalizes certain losers while unfairly benefiting others. Trading practices that will cost business in America many millions of dollars. Since companies will find ways to make money off the system, they’ll continue to pollute here and abroad, moving their operations to locations where they will not be held to such high standards. This is a sure way to move badly needed jobs out of the country as well.

I urge you to consider this legislation and all the affects, both desired and unintended. Much of what we face today in our economy is the unintended consequences of past Senate, Congress and Executive decisions. Vote no on Cap and Trade, save our economy, our jobs and our standard of living.

Contact your Senators at this website here.

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