Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Perpetual Fool Takes a Break . . .

Incredible. I nearly made it through the day without a single folly. A very nice thing, I have had a problem with April Fool’s day for nearly as long as I can remember. I cannot recall a time when playing the joke on others was my primary concern. For nearly as long, I have found myself victim of some of the more mundane, less than creative pranks on this the first day of April. Since I have a tendency to believe anything I am told, fertile is the ground for such horrors.

Almost every year I wake with a grand sense of dread, knowing that something somehow will leave me lulled into believing one possibility while an entirely different reality bares sway. At the end of the charade, someone somewhere will call me on my naiveté.

This year was pleasantly devoid of such experiences. In fact, I didn’t have many reminders at all of this most unpleasant tradition. Today, I was not the fool. My heart is full as I close the day, full of gratitude.

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