Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Darling

• Her beautiful hair • Her striking eyes • Her intense personality • Her teasing ways • Her gentle touch • A temporary intermission from life • Her support for my dreams, hopes and desires • Her undying, unyielding compassion • her love of a good hotdog • The fire in her eyes • Her laugh makes me laugh • Her love of the hunt – thrift stores aren’t all evil • Her love of photography • She enjoys walking on the beach • Her devotion to our children • The way she “tolerates” the dogs • Her NEED to get the mail • She’s not Martha Stewart, no matter what people say • Her compassion for others • She makes up back stories when we don’t know the details • She worries about the little things • Her addiction to Ebay and Craigslist • She will fight for the little guy • She loves the gospel • Her concern for making things better • She likes candles and flowers • Every Holiday is important • She loves Christmas – it’s a super-holiday • The way she used to wake me up in the middle of the night while she was scrap booking • Her reaction when I bite her neck • She Understands my weaknesses • She is the mother of my three Daughters • The random text messages • She expects me to know • She helps me understand • her love of seafood • She can figure it out alone but lets me help anyway • She cooks to my tastes even though she likes different things • She likes pizza almost as much as I do • She appreciates my BBQ finesse • She lets me be incompetent • She likes to play board games • She is awesome at Solitaire • Her love of cheese (all cheese, not just cheddar) • She does nice things secretly • She loves grilled cheese • She cries during good movies and books • She loves to read • She tolerates my gaming addiction • She doesn’t pretend to laugh when I make a stupid joke • She flirts with me at church, in the market, at the library, while I’m trying to drive, everywhere • She let’s me drive most of the time, even though she likes driving as much or more than I do • Crème brûlée • Her hugs • She is the best person to be around when I am happy • She tolerates my bad moods • She left her family to be with me • She left her friends to be with me • The way she smells • She cares about the important things in life • She doesn’t make mountains out of mole hills • She gets my addiction to Mac Sauce and Jack’s Secret Sauce • Her sporadic but refreshing irreverence •
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